for Agresti

Manufactured by Agresti, part of the Wallpaper* Handmade Exhibition

‘Artichoke' is not your typical kind of safe. It was specially designed for Agresti, made out of equally special material: walnut wood, GOLD plated brass and colored veal leather. The latter being a thoughtful choice on our behalf, for it is the métier of Florence- the home city of Agresti. This piece was thought through inside out, all the way down to the most intricate details. It is a safe, an art piece and multi-purpose. The inside keeps your precious belongings, when the outside could be used to store away your everyday objects: BOOKS, sunglasses, or even a pen.

The chest is made of 24 karats GOLD plated brass, American walnut and full flower green calf leather, delicately shaped in waves.

The safe is anchorable to the wall and has a biometric opening device matched to an emergency key system. Inside , 5 drawers are lined for jewelry and watches.

The 3 entirely Swiss made watch winders mechanisms, will charge your expensive automatic watches using their state-of-the-art technology.

Like an artichoke, it protects something valuable, and keep its heart out of reach...

Photos by Agresti