Digital Love

for Vista Alegre

Exclusive edition of 30 pieces for Vista Alegre

‘Digital love' is a collection of 30 unique decorative plates.

This project came to be very uncannily. For after spending 3 months in the renowned porcelain factory Vista Alegre, we felt an urge to create something different and unprecedented. That's how we found out that by placing "ready-made" porcelain pieces in the oven at 1400 °C, the glaze of the porcelain melts and glues the pieces together, which results in beautiful sculptural compositions. Many experiences had to be done, however, to find a solution preventing the pieces from breaking inside the oven. In a retro-futuristic spirit, the decoration of the plates was thought to be a composition of lines and reflections, and the pieces hand painted with both GOLDand platinum, leaving us with a collection of elegant objects inspired from the digital world. These pieces are an artistic reinterpretation of the future and what it hides under the beautiful reflections of the past.

Photos by david/nicolas