Gold Digger

by David/Nicolas

A culinary design expirience part of the exhibition "Design meets food" curated by Maria Group

‘GOLD Digger' is a food INSTALLATION that took place at the "Design meets food" exhibition curated by Maria Group. This exhibition was the inaugural of the Beirut Design Week.

The concept was to create an installation that lasts only four hours, precisely to embody the idea that ‘Luxury is just a moment', and not everlasting.

Manufactured chocolate (KitKat, Oreo, Twix etc.) were hand painted with edible GOLD, and were placed on a crimson colored tablecloth to give the impression that they were untouchable 
and ergo precious.

The surprise was when people started touching the dignified chocolate, noticing all the different textures and shapes they had before them, and finally eating them.
For a brief moment, there was a ROOM full of people eating GOLD.

The most recurrent question from that evening was: ‘is this edible?'